My Reel


This is the ‘rough, cinematic cut’ of my demo reel for my various years of work at Industrial Light + Magic.  As a creature technical director and a creature supervisor at ILM, I’ve been tasked with rigging, simulation setup for creatures such as cloth, flesh, muscles and hair as well as rigid destruction simulations.  At ILM, the creature TD handles all geometric simulations which is unique in the industry as many other houses have specific roles for their creature artists with FX artists handling rigid work, cloth and creature FX specialists, and dedicated shot finalers.  We do it all!  For us, it gives us a variety of roles which keeps things interesting and challenging.

This reel includes examples of all of the above types of simulations, transformation animation and variety of creature rigs I’ve developed throughout my career as a TD and supervisor, mostly from 2001-2014. For the past two years I have been supervising the creatures and rigids for three Disney rides, ‘Soarin’ Over the World’ (Disney California Adventure), the ‘Ironman Experience’ (Disney Hong Kong) and the new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride (Disney Shanghai).

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My Resume

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